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Buying A Home Without A Real Estate Professional

It’s funny to me how many different thoughts and assumptions there are in the world. Take for instance septic tanks. Some folks


assume they just somehow are pumped out like a normal sewer system. Well, septic tanks do need to be periodically pumped out,

system is, “well where does it go?”. When I say it basically is spread out a few feet under the yard, I get more like, “OMG!”.however they are not automated like a sewer system. The most reactions I get when people ask more questions about a septic

So I was talking to a potential client this weekend and we were discussing why I thought they should be working with a Buyers 

Huntsville-real-estateAgent, whether me or another agent (ME).

It was like pulling teeth to get an answer of why they had not started working with an agent yet. For the most part they would give the standard, “we have just begun looking”, to “we don’t want to waist someones time”, to We’ve bought a house before. These are all respectable answers, but I could just feel there was something we were really missing in the conversation. Then from out of nowhere we found it. NO not the house, however we would eventually. The answer as to why these folks were not utilizing a Real Estate Professional.

I mentioned, in passing, “you know, you don’t generally pay for a Buyer’s Agent to help locate and negotiate a new home, right”? Where to my surprise (wink wink) they were, “OMG, seriously”? I know right, but not the same OMG as the septic tank realization, I hope.

So yeah, there it is. I do not charge a fee, under normal circumstances, to help find and negotiate a new home for buyers. This is not to say some agents don’t or do. I can only speak for myself. So, if you are looking and don’t have an agent or you know someone who is and they don’t have an agent, give me a call. There isn’t really much to lose. I will take your call.

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Jim D Brown


North Alabama Realtor


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4 Easy Steps to Buying Your First or Fifth House

After months of searching online and getting nowhere, here you are. Now you know the 4 Easy steps to buying a home.

First, as 90% of buyers today, start with a home search online. As long as you’re here why not search here? We have all active listings shown on North Alabama’s MLS index. In addition to our MLS I also offer several “For Sale By Owner listings”. That is an extra step in giving you every option to find the perfect house.

Second, You found it! Congratulations! I knew if you started here you could more than likely finish here. Wasn’t that easier than driving around town for countless hours hoping to see “the house” around the next corner.

Third, this is the fun part. All you have to do is sit back and let years of negotiating and getting the best deals for our clients, work for you.

Fourth, Sure there were several points in the process that were high pressure or potential deal breakers, but you didn’t need to stress over any of them. We always keep a positive outlook and keep the process moving forward. Now we celebrate the big moving day.

Yes, it is that easy. Give it a try.



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7 Local Backyard Oases You Want to See

I’ve seen many housees in the past years that I would not schedule a return without protection in some form or fasion. Iv’e also seen houses that made me want to stay for a few hours and just relax. The latter being the exception. I thought it might be neat to put together a short and sweet ppost showing some of the great local backyard oases in and around my area. The following are several pools and outdoor kitchens you may want to look into a bit closer. Feel free to comment and or share.


custom-concrete pool

Pool with a fountain
Pool with a fountain
Custom Stone raised pool
Custom Stone raised pool


Custom Outdoor Kitchen with tongue groove ceiling
Custom Outdoor Kitchen with tongue groove ceiling


Custom concrete with fountain


Outdoor Kitchen overlooking pool


Custom Heated Pool with Mountain views


If any of these homes interest you and you would like to take a closer look, feel free to contact me for a showing appointment.


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Fannie Mae Shows Signs of a Recovering Market

2013 was an extraordinary year for a lot of Real Estate Pros. Many conversations about the housing market are ending in a much different matter than they had in years past. Lately the story is, “Wow”, We are really seeing an increase in home prices and a decrease in inventory”. Years ago this comment would have been accompanied with a graphic of a donkey with mouth wide open laughing hysterically.

The Real Estate market is definitely showing signs of growth and movement. Today home prices are beginning to slightly increase and whispers of a “Sellers Market” are rolling off agents tongues. This truly makes people a little more comfortable with the country still trying to pull out of the recent crash. All of this still would simply be mostly “lip Service” if not for the the giants of the mortgage market producing such impressive numbers. Let’s take a look at Fannie Mae and data released in a recent article by Timothy J. Mayopoulos President and Chief Executive Officer, Fannie Mae 

In the statement Fannie Mae reveals their financial performance, over the past few years, has improved significantly, and in 2013 reported “84.0 billion in net income and $38.6 billion in pre-tax income, the highest annual income and annual pre-tax income in our company’s history”. In addition to this improvement Fannie Mae also has strengthened the underwriting and eligibility standards as so to promote a more sustainable housing market as related to homeownership.

In addition to developing stronger requirements for home buying eligibility, Fannie Mae has also worked to help owners avoid foreclosure by “completing more than 1.5 million workout solutions since 2009. In 2013, we completed 234,000 foreclosure prevention solutions. Less than 1 percent of the single-family loans in our book went into foreclosure in 2013, and we strive to help every at-risk family find an alternative to foreclosure.”

Below is a graphic giving a few numbers to grow on. Take a look and decide for yourself if you still should be standing on the sidelines or if it is time to Move forward?

fannie mae numbers at a glance