Today’s Real Estate market can be deceiving dependent on who you’re talking to. Some are saying the market is thriving and we are beginning to set records all over the State. This may be true, but Real Estate as anyone will tell you is highly localized. That does include drilling down past streets and subdivisions and segmenting “your” house as “local”.

You see, the housing market has always been able to set records, but it has always been Local. If you will take a quick look back into the “BOOM” we experienced 100 years ago ( well, it seems that long anyway) the market wasn’t really localized. It was more nationalized.

We were seeing houses with multiple offers on every street corner. While that is long gone and chances of experiencing that again are slim, we still and have since had certain homes with multiple offers.

So here is the bottom line; Choose a Real Estate Agent who is going to give you purposeful and correct information. You don’t want information that is simply a “presentation to get your listing”. You want real information. Information that can help. Help you decide if you are really ready and can sell your home. If not, at least you will know up front and not be blindsided 3 months later.

Yes, Real Estate is rebounding and you could benefit from the growing market. Contact me to see how.



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