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Quick and Easy DIY Pumpkin Carving for You and Kids!

Halloween can be loads of fun if you are prepared and have endless hours of time to devote to decorating and prepping and, and, and, You get the picture. for some their sole purpose is to make everything look incredible and make you wonder, “how did they do that?”. While others try to make the process look simple and non-time consuming.

I see it all day long, previewing and showing houses where folks still occupy the home in Huntsville AL. We pull up to a home and voila, we are suddenly transported into a Hollywood movie scene where everything is either Photoshop or a professional prop creator has been put on retainer for the holidays! Then to another house for sale in Huntsville AL and there we began to feel we should have purchased tickets for this theatrical event. Who has time or the energy to do this stuff, with kids?!

Well I wanted to share with you a truly easy and beautiful DIY for the Halloween Holiday that everyone can be a part of, especially the KIDS! IMG_0725

First, simply take an hour at most and set aside for the prep work. The prep work is time needed to find and purchase a pumpkin or two. Now don’t worry about how the pumpkins look- they will not be a the focus of the show. Now that you have the pumpkins you have several option for decorating.

  1. Non Toxic Paint (find a good list here). Cut out paper eyes, mouth, nose or anything you want on the pumpkin and stick it on. Now paint the pumpkin and remove the paper. You have a jack-o-lantern.
  2. Use non toxic magic markers (a good list here) and go crazy! Mark it how ever you want. Remember, these are not the star of the show.
  3. This option is my boys favorite way to decorate. Take a small hammer and get as many ten penny nails or masonry nails as you want and hammer in your design. Have fun and stand back if you are letting the little guys channel their inner Picasso





Now that you have a base established, all you have to do is sit the pumpkins you have created on a table, preferably a sofa table and leave space in the middle for the finale.





Below is the finished project. As you can see for a simple DIY Halloween project just add Kids!