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I Had A Foreclosure, Now I’ll Never Be Able To Buy A Home!?



The answer is a big fat, YES YOU WILL, but it will take some time before you can qualify. That is unless you have just come into some large (unmarked) stacks of cash. If that is the case do not delay call me immediately!![row]
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Back to our regularly scheduled info piece.

The most lenient loan programs to get qualified after this type of financial event are Government programs, such as VA, FHA and Rural House loans. They all have a guideline of 3 years since the date of the foreclosure sale. Conventional loans, such as Fannie/ Freddie, have a minimum 7 years waiting period. So if you haven’t stumbled upon that bag of cash just sit back and keep your finances in check. That time will fly by.

If you can document an extenuating circumstance that lead to the foreclosure sale, reduced time periods are allowed. An extenuating event is described as circumstances beyond the control of the borrower, such as a serious illness or death of a wage earner. You must be able to document the event in a satisfactory way to an underwriter. Now, events such as a divorce or the inability to sell the property perhaps due to a job transfer or relocation will most likely not qualify as an extenuating circumstance. And, in most cases, you will need to have some re-established credit.

Thank you for your time, and if there is anything I can do to help you or someone you know in Real Estate please give me a call.