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Home Gyms… Maybe Not as Hard as You Think

Setting Up A Home Gym In A Small Space And For a Small Price


One of the biggest reasons people do not workout or stop working out is the time commitment. It is tough to fit gym time into a schedule already crowded with work, kids, and other activities. A great way to get around this time constraint and increase your chances of getting that workout in is to set up your own home gym.


There are 7 basic movements you need to train for an effective exercise plan. These movements are: push, pull, squat, lunge, rotate, bend, and gait. Some examples of these would be:


Push- chest press

Pull- Row

Squat- let your imagination run wild

Lunge- same

Rotate- torso twist

Gait- Run, jog, walk


With those movements in mind you have several equipment options. The simplest option is to use dumbbells, since you could cover all of those movements with them. You could buy a rack full of dumbbells, but for space and cost savings I would recommend the adjustable dumbbells. You can buy a pair and they adjust from 5-55 pounds.


A TRX (or suspension trainer equivalent) is an awesome addition to any gym. It takes up very little space and will allow you to do hundreds of exercises with just one piece of equipment.  Your suspension trainer can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or even on a closed door.  Resistance bands are also a portable and inexpensive choice here.


For your cardiovascular exercise, you can always opt for the classic treadmill. Think long and hard before purchasing a treadmill because there is a good chance it could become a very bulky and expensive clothes hanger.  Rowing machines, bikes, punching bags, and elliptical machines are also good options, but take up space.  I would recommend developing a bodyweight circuit or jumping rope as effective options with a smaller footprint.


It is a great feeling to skip all the travel to and from the gym, packing a gym bag, showering, etc… that having your own gym will provide. Best of luck and if you e-mail Joe at He will send you an awesome, bodyweight circuit you can do anywhere with no equipment and it is scalable to all fitness levels.

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